hello! as you know my name is julie marie wlazlo, i'm nineties child (but mentally in one part nineties in second one seventies) living in many places at once, little dreamer, peace and freedom lover. i love dancing to old records, reading poems and watching good movies with my friends. wildness of heart, indian blood and wolf in soul.


how old are you?
17 (almost 18), I was born on 3rd October 1995

how tall are you?

i'm 158 cm (5,2 ft tall)

are you natural blonde or red-haired?
blonde, but sometimes i dye my hair to red

how long have you been blogging?
three years, but on madamegrunge one year

who takes the pictures of you?
a lot of different people. actually i've a few favorites photographers and sometimes we do pics together, but it also occurs individual "sessions" with random people like my friends or people from my family

what is your favorite band/singer?
oh i've got so many favorites... pearl jam, john frusciante, the kooks, phoenix, alela diane, oasis, the doors, mumford&sons, nirvana, devendra banhart, ben caplan, jefferson airplane, arctic monkeys, selah sue, the beatles, norah jones, pink floyd, elliot smith, free, marissa nadler, ten years after, kasabian, janis joplin, 13th floor elevators, soundgarden, syd barret, kari amirian, tame impala, dan auerbach, zola jesus, patrick wolf, yori swart, angus&julia stone, foster the people, alanis morisette, sonic youth, kings of leon, lucy rose, best coast, grace slick, hole, bob dylan, ellie goulding, foals, iggy pop, beirut, iron&wine, 2:54, noah&the whale, bon iver, m83, soap&skin, the seeds, the who and many many more. here you can find everything about my music passion

what is your favorite movies or movies?
i've got five favorites movies. "my blueberry nights", "the dreamers", "the perks of being wallflower", "into the wild" and "friends with benefits"

what is your favorite brand?
i prefer second-hands (are the best!)

what do you do in your free time?
cook, watch movies and meditate

i want to have a successful blog, can you give me any advice?
show yourself, not only your clothes or makeup - show y o u r s e l f. don't create new person, be who you are and enjoy it, people like honesty, not artificial. and don't give up. never!

what blogs do you read?
i've got many favorites blogs, but three are best in my opinion: bleubirdjohannasconfessions and le-happy

i replied for the most common question that you asking me here or on gmail, but if you'd like to see answer to your question, please email it to madamegrunge@gmail.com